11 Ways Your Body Changes As You Get Older!

It’s widely assumed that middle-age issues don’t manifest themselves until you’re in your forties. Most people, however, are unaware that some of these issues can arise as early as their 30s. It’s natural for some of the body’s functions to begin declining around this age, which can manifest in a variety of ways.

Here are 11 physical changes that occur in your 30s:
1. The Beginning of Wrinkles
During this time, most people will notice a few minor wrinkles. These usually appear first around the brow, mouth, and eyes. They can be much more visible if you are under a lot of stress.
2. Hormone sex Reduction
Both men and women produce fewer sex hormones around the age of 30. In men, this can lead to a decline in libido, muscle loss, erectile dysfunction, and prostate enlargement. Sex drive frequently increases in women as their natural testosterone levels out-compete their dwindling estrogen. It can, however, cause the development of dark facial hair, or “whiskers,” as well as changes in the menstrual cycle.
3. Weight Gain and Slower Metabolism
As you get older, your metabolism slows down, and so do you. This means you don’t need as much energy to fuel yourself. Many people gain weight in their 30s because they still have the appetite of a 25-year-old but lack the metabolism to burn it.
4. Fertility Issues
Because sex hormones decline in your 30s, so do your chances of becoming pregnant. It is not uncommon for people over 30 to struggle with starting a family, and many eventually seek help from fertility treatments.
5. Enhanced Disease Risk
Almost all of the most common diseases are caused by aging. Some of the suspected causes include decreased immune efficiency, slower repair processes, and decreased production of key hormones. When you reach your 30s, your chances of developing heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and chronic pain increase.
6. Handles for Love
Around this age, many people will notice a change in their body shape. Because of the gradual decrease in hormones and less effective skin repair, skin begins to lose firmness and shape. When this is combined with increased body fat from a slower metabolism, the result is love handles and arm flab.
7. Hair Fall
If many men, and even some women, will experience hair loss, it will usually begin in their 30s. It usually begins with hair thinning or a receding hairline.
Increased Shortness of Breath
Lung capacity declines with age due to chest muscle stiffening. This is the most likely cause if you find yourself stopping to catch your breath more frequently than in the past.
9. Changes in Vision
By the age of 30, a lifetime of use and abuse has taken its toll on your eyes. Don’t be surprised if you need reading glasses by your mid-thirties.
10. Bone Weakening
By the age of 35, your body is destroying bone faster than it can replace it. This increases the risk of osteoporosis significantly as you get older.
11. Dental Health Issues
As people age, their saliva production decreases. This means that your teeth and gums lose some of the protection they provide against bacteria and acids, increasing the likelihood of tooth decay and gum disease.
Age-related changes are a natural part of life, and they aren’t always pleasant. However, by following a healthy diet and leading an active lifestyle, you can postpone these events and reduce your risk.